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Robin Hood - Unrivaled Archer Prices

Robin Hood - Unrivaled Archer

#6 • Promo • D23 Promos, Disney Lorcana

Shucks. We don't have any prices for this product.

Card Info

  • Product Text

    [Feed the Poor] When you play this character, if an opponent has more cards in their hand than you, draw a card.
    [Good Shot] During your turn, this character has Evasive. (They can challenge characters with Evasive.)

  • Product Flavour Text

    "We never rob. We just sort of borrow a bit from those who can afford it."

  • Product Type


  • Product Cost (Ink)


  • Product Willpower


  • Product Lore Value


  • Product Classifications

    Storyborn Hero
  • Product Symbol